Kurze Lüftungspause
Swiss Art Award, 2017

The installation Kurze Lüftungspause (Short break for ventilation) consists of a spatial intervention as well as individual objects spread throughout the space. The molds for the plaster reliefs are modeled in mirror image in soft pigmented clay. Between different pourings, the clay is altered to create iterative variations of form and motif. Through this anticipatory artistic process, using uncertainty and pastiche imagery, the installation alludes to labor conditions as well as how work is situated within daily practices. The title Kurze Lüftungspause is taken from Sigfried Kracauer’s collection of essays Die Angestellten (The Salaried Masses,1929) in which Kracauer observes the emergence of a new class of employees who are ideologically homeless and in continuous search for meaning through collective experience, consumption and entertainment. The sound coming out of the vent refracts and references the song ‘Wochenend und Sonnenschein’ from the same time period. Setting up a spatial interpretation of a short break, the installation addresses the notion of work through its absence: both a moment of enjoyment as well as anticipation of the work ahead.

Micha Zweifel


Kurze Lüftungspause entrance Swiss Art Awards 2017 (photo: Guadalupe Ruiz)


Kurze Lüftungspause Swiss Art Awards 2017 (photo: Guadalupe Ruiz)


Wochenend und Sonnenschein (Lüftungsschacht) 2017


Man darf nämlich nicht vergessen… (plaster relief, pigment) 2017 (photo: Guadalupe Ruiz)


untitled, 2017 plaster, pigment


Büsi 2017 (photo: Guadalupe Ruiz)


Floorplan (with thanks to Hunter Longe)


Kurze Lüftungspause Swiss Art Awards 2017 (photo: Guadalupe Ruiz)